The poetic impressions – The Eleven Response

martie 26, 2008

Violeta mi-a făcut o bucurie: mi-a tradus textul ăsta şi probabil că vor urma şi altele. Îi mulţumesc ei şi Domnului care i-a pus pe inimă să facă asta.

Poetic impressions
The Eleven Response

How can you measure the darkness?

It depends what each understands by „darkness”. Could be that place the light starts or could be that place it vanishes. Most are afraid of something they always see in shadow, at least in a shadow. Something it looks like despair. They forget the darkness never overcame the light!
How can you measure the darkness?
I measure with a candle unbounded rooms
My soul drags its empty treading
Step by step it breaks the light away from the mirror
It is the only one who measures the night in the defeated scream.


I pushed the darkness off and dragged closer to me
The morning wink, the wagon jarred over the strawberry hill
They were asking me how I could keep this smooth descendent road
I was impassively sought for the sap under the shell of a locust branch
It was dark and I couldn’t see its pulse
When that high locust lost all its thoughts except the last one
That moment I found how the wind blows over it days and nights
Nor in dark nor in the light I found it never hurts
The blowing wind dispersed its bitter flowers
I chewed them to learn how the sap shines because of so many bees