When the words start to love

With one word, or maybe only with its edge
I hit the air in the poplar’s leaves
and several times I surrounded its green
and all its nests I filled
with multi-colored birds, and naked baby birds
so that each letter in the alphabet could understand its neighbor.

And then, everything was whistling with meaning – like a train
heading to its final destination.
Everything was vibrating
in the silence that follows the meaning.
And I was thinking, thinking aloud
in the voice of each single letter
straight and firm like the axle which splits
the forest, like the sword of a night between years.

Until it hurt, until it hurt I rummaged around
until I named every bent of the shadow
in its way to the heart, until I was beginning
to be clothed in poem, to be dressed up
for the wedding at which they – the angels – will see,
whom they took care of all along.

So it was getting lighter when I touched the sky with a word
or maybe only with its edge. Up the heart’s stairs
the King was climbing
saving those on his right and left and front and back
with a cosmic gesture – like a cross
rising up in the incandescent sunset.
That’s how I have learned to be awake when the words
start to love.

Translated by Andreea Luncan

From „The peace between two silences” – 2004

versiunea românească

8 Responses to When the words start to love

  1. tuliplady spune:

    What a wonderful beautiful poem! You are very gifted! God Bless you! Jacqui xx

  2. Ionatan
    This is really great poetry. Your daughter is beautiful. I like your site. Chicago says hello to Romania!
    Winston Delgado

  3. Ionatan spune:

    Thank you, dear friend. I say to Chicago hello!

  4. me_only spune:

    frumos..no comments”tacerea din mine e suficienta”..

  5. Faultline USA spune:

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  6. Faultline USA spune:

    What a beautiful poem! Il poem è così bello.

  7. ionatan spune:

    Thank you, dear friend.

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