The pictures

My picture and your picture on this bulletin board of silence. Just look: this is me and this is you. And we have wings, do you see? The wings of faith. Though our pictures have been recently posted, God took them in eternity. They are seen from all sides and all places for God is every place. His eyes are everywhere. There is no color missing there is no color that shouldn’t be there.
His camera’s brand name is „Golgota”. God takes a picture of anyone who goes there to rest in the shadow of his son’s cross. These are pictures of people with wings. For now we have become able to fly. And we are flying over the dirt of this world without getting stained. The albatrosses are part of a landscape with sea but they are neither the landscape, nor the sea, just like we are in the world but we are no longer from the world, nor are we the world.
What beautiful memories are held in these pictures! Oh, come and see: this is when we were saved! Look at us turning whiter than snow through the blood of the Lamb. And look at us here at the throne of grace, oh, and here fighting the enemy. And this, this is the sword of the Spirit. I’ll never forget the joy of God’s flash shining over me. I’ll never have enough of flying.
Oh, Lord, let’s look at those pictures again!

Translated by Andreea Luncan


2 Responses to The pictures

  1. Scotti spune:

    Hallelujah! This is so beautiful. I wish I could read all of your poetry but I do not understand Romanian. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by my blog and I look forward to checking back here often.

    May the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always! Amen.

  2. ionatan spune:

    God bless you, dear friend!

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